Lowongan Kerja di PT. Nusa Satu Inti Artha (DOKU)

Established in 2007, we are the pioneers in online payment and the first with a risk management system in Indonesia. From sales, payment, purchase, transfer and lend, everything is possible with DOKU. With more than 10 years of experience, supported by a dedicated team, certified internationally and supervised under Bank of Indonesia, we are ready to be your partner in assisting you with all your transactional needs.

Lowongan Kerja di Nutapos sebagai Frontend Web Developer

PT. Nusantara Berkah Digital adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Teknologi Informasi (StartUp Digital), fokus kami adalah mengembangkan produk Aplikasi Kasir/ Point of Sales bermerk Nuta dan menyewakannya pada pebisnis kuliner (UKM Kuliner) di seluruh Indonesia.

Lowongan Kerja Program Magang di Deskby

Deskby is an online marketplace for professionals, entrepreneurs or freelancers to discover and book nearby working, event or meeting spaces with flexible bookings, short term lease and transparent process.

Lowongan Kerja di PT. Inova Medika Solusindo

Perusahaan kami bergerak dalam bidang jasa konsultan Teknologi Informasi (TI) yang fokus dalam pengembangan dan pembangunan Sistem Informasi Manajemen Rumah Sakit (SIMRS) Kami berkomitmen untuk terus membantu memajukan bisnis perumah sakitan di Indonesia melalui inovasi dan pemetaan desain dengan memberikan desain sistem infomasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan informasi pada saat ini dan masa yang akan datang.

Info Lowongan Kerja di PT. Bumi Berkah Boga (Kopi Kenangan)

Kopi Kenangan is the fastest growing non-franchise coffee chain in Indonesia. The idea of Kopi Kenangan started because the founders have the mission to spread their passion for Indonesian coffee. The Mission: to become the leading coffee chain in Indonesia and beyond by leveraging the ‘New Retail’ environment where the boundary between offline and online commerce disappears as we focus on fulfilling the personalized needs of each customer.

Lowongan Kerja di PT. Agro Boga Utama

Agro Boga Utama was established since 2007. Agro Boga Utama is a company engaged in the field of “food service” which provides a variety of frozen products such as beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables, chicken, duck, potatoes, dairy products and others , all of which have halal certification as well as licenses recognized and tested by the state.

Info Lowongan Kerja di PT. 360 Teknologi Indonesia [ 360 Consulting ]

PT 360 Teknologi Indonesia (360 Consulting) was established in early 2014 by several SAP Consultants, having previously long years of experience across SAP modules (SAP ECC, BW, BOBJ, BPC, etc), covering projects of SAP implementation, enhancement, support, training, either locally in Indonesia, Regional (South East Asia) or International (ie. Dubai in the Middle East)

Info Lowongan Kerja di PT. Mastersystem Infotama

Founded in 1994, and run by the experienced management. Mastersystem grew years to years with excellent sales growth. We were a company whom provide the desktop pc level to corporate customer. As the time went through, success in the desktop pc level triggered us to enter the IT Network market, system integrator market and IT solution market.